10 Work Traits of a Successful Legal Assistant

Judging from our latest group of students at Legal Staff School, it’s safe to assume that Legal Assistants are smart, confident and determined!  Working in such a fast-paced and challenging environment, it will take more than an interest in law and a desire to help others to succeed in this field.  Here are 10 work qualities of successful Legal Assistants:

  1. Reliability – Since Legal Assistants work directly with lawyers and attorneys, reliability is crucial.  They have to be relied on to deliver timely, accurate and quality work.
  2. Efficient – In the legal setting, there are many important deadlines to meet involving legal documentation that must be accurate and organized appropriately.  Not only will Legal Assistants be expected to multi-task, they will have to ensure the quality of their work (no matter the task) is not sacrificed.
  3. Honesty – In their line of work, Legal Assistants will come across many confidential documents. They must be able to remain discrete. Disclosing confidential information (whether it is on purpose or by accident) can have serious consequences.
  4. Flexibility & Adaptability – In any fast-moving and demanding environment, the ability to adapt to changing conditions is key to success.  Legal Assistants must be able to move quickly depending on the situation.
  5.  Diplomacy and Professionalism – Legal Assistants provide support to lawyers and law professionals but can also work directly with other Legal Assistants, paralegals and clients.  They must be able to present themselves and their firms in a professional manner.
  6. Friendliness – Legal Assistants represent the law firms, lawyers, and attorneys that they support and must be able to maintain a positive attitude and demeanor.
  7. Patience – Working in a demanding environment can lead to many challenges.  Legal Assistants must be able to maintain composure and navigate through problems with patience and ease.
  8. Willingness to Do Whatever it Takes to Get the Job Done – Let’s face it, there will be aspects of the job that are not as glamorous. Filing, photocopying and organizing legal documents are important parts of the job that must be done with care.
  9. Organized – Legal Assistants work on many cases, and sometimes support more than one lawyer or law professional. They must be able to keep case files, trial binders and legal documents organized.
  10. Analytical – Successful Legal Assistants will be able to think analytically about their tasks at hand and anticipate the needs of the lawyers and law professionals that they support.  


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